Why Young Child is Easy To Attack Other?

Do you have a naughty baby who is easy to attack other in your home? Once he is not satisfied with everything, he will attack you, his mom, or other peer. It is difficult to deal with it for the baby is too young to understand what is right. The toddlers who are about 3 years old, relatively tend to attack other people. Here are 3 reasons for these phenomenon.

  1. They are too young to express their feeling.

For instance, it is common that the little children are easy to fight for the toy in amusement park. When one child is stand in the row for the game, another one suddenly attend to stand in front of him. So the child will upset and push the “intruder” out. No doubt they are begin to fight.

Reason: Actually, the child have no any idea to attack others. He just want to protect his privilege. And the child in this age have no enough word to show his feeling out and figure it out.

How should parent try to solve the problem? As parents, we can’t avoid this problem but try your best to lead your child in the right way to figure it out instead of fighting. Let’s make an example. If your child was encounter the intruder, you can tell him how to communicate with the intruder. Tell this brother, you are in front of him. Please do remember, don’t try teach him to fight for it. And sometimes you can teach him via telling the story or play such game.

  1. Young child can’t feel the pain when other is painful especially the child who is about 2-3 years old.

Reason: Normally, in these age, they have strong feeling to protect what belong to them. If he can’t be satisfied from his mom, he maybe attach him mom until other ask him to stop.

How to deal with it?

Try to teach him to understand others’ feeling. If he hit you, you can tell him that he has made mom painful. Thus he will become increasingly known that he can hit mom, otherwise she will be painful.

  1. Young child have ability to imitate others’violent behavior. For example, from the Tv Show or parents.

Well, the most important thing is to communicate with him and make a good relationship with him. Be a friend to him, to know his feeling, and offer him the suggestions.

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