Why Children Extremely Have No Appetite in Summer?

In summer, a great many people have no appetite, especially the children. So the mom always considered the high temperature is the mail reason. Generally, human skin needs to make body cool, because the weather is hot. So the more blood will work under skin, and then the less is in stomach. Finally, the function of digestion will be influenced. So human, generally, will have no appetite.

Besides temperature, lacking of nutrition is the main reason.

Why it is easy to lack of nutrition in summer?

In summer, in order to make body cool, Children will drink more water. Thus a great number of nutrient substances, such as Ga, Vitamin B1, B2, Potassium and so on, will be taken away by sweat. And then with the vicious circle, people’s digestion will be more week.  

How to deal with it?

  • To eat some food with more nutrient substances. Such as coarse cereals, bean instead of superfine flour, grains. Because it contains more nutrient substance than others.
  • Change the cooking style. No deep frying, roasting. The best way is to boil, steam, or stew. Normally, the cooking style will keep more nutrient substance. And it is easy to digest.

Some bad diet habits will also make children lose appetite.

  1. Water is the aid to keep your body balance. But the warm water is superior to the cold water. When you feel thirsty, don’t drink much water suddenly. Because the excessive water drinking will take the gastric juice away. Especially, what you drink is the sweet juice, you will feel never having any appetite.
  2. Do more exercises, even in summer. If you choose to stay in A/C room, your digestion will be weak. Therefore it is suggested that take a stroll in the morning or evening. Some sunshine will help body to develop Vitamin V, D. Thus not only good for his grow up and do beneficial to his appetite.
  3. Because of the hot weather, children will have a bad sleep. So a good sleep is vital to him.

If your child have poor appetite in summer, don’t blame the weather firstly. After consulting the relative examples, try your best to help him.

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