Why Baby’s Breath is Bad?

All of us are surprised that why baby has bad breath. We are barely heard of it besides the adult’s. So what causes this phenomenon?

  1. Tooth decay or gum disease

We note that you did not clean up the baby’s mouth after the meal, so bacteria sticks to food debris in the teeth. Over a long period of time, it will cause tooth disease with bad breath.

  1. Diet problems

Indigestion will also cause bad breath, for the food can’t be digested in the belly. What’s more, eating chili, sugar or garlic will cause this problem too.

  1. Intestinal disease

If your baby has already eaten the food which were infected by the bacteria, then it will result in the intestinal disease, thus will bring about the bad breath.

How to deal with baby’s bad breath?

  1. Mom should make sure that baby’s dish are regularly disinfected. Encourage your baby to clean his tooth after meal.
  2. Have a heathy diet. Try to keep far away from chili, garlic or the cold food.
  3. No desserts greasy food before going to bed. Drink much more water.

Once your baby has bad breath, you don’t need to in a panic. Bad breath do barely influence on his health. What you need to do is to help him to make a good and healthy diet and habit. Thus, it will better soon.

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