Why Baby Will Smile When He Is Asleep

Do you discovery that sometimes your newborn will smile when he is asleep. It is really funny. But do you know why he will have this adorable behavior?

The function of his brain is not totally developed.

His brain is in earlier stages stages of development, so the various function wasn’t developed yet. Therefore, there are two kinds of sleep. One is rapid eye movement sleep, the other one is deep sleep. When baby is on the rapid eye movement sleep, some different expressions will on his face, and sometimes accompanied by sound. You may doubt that whether it is good for his health or not. Actually, there is no need to worry about that, because it is beneficial to his health.

When your baby can make the dream?

It is said that the baby, who is about 8 months in mom’s tummy, can make dream. Normally, eyes will move rapidly while the master is dreaming. From the report of B-mode ultrasound, expert found such situation. It means that baby in his mom’s tummy has already made dream. After giving birth, sometimes if he is extremely excited in daytime, these will make influence on his night dream. Especially, he begins to laugh with sound. Maybe his dream is really funny.

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