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Why Baby Is Easy to Falling Down From Bed

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Sometimes, if parent leaves for a while, babies, toddlers are easy to fall off beds or high chairs. We all know that parent will be in a panic or scary at that moment. But don’t worry. Although baby is still too small to know the danger, we can try our best to protect him with some baby protectors. Here are some great informations for you.

What parents can do to protect him from hurting?

Why baby will be easy to fall off bed or high chair?

How to do when your baby falls down?


What parents can do to protect baby from hurting?

Baby Bed Rail

Baby Bed Rail can prevent your baby from falling off the bed. But you need to choose the one is strong enough to keep baby safe.

Baby Bed Rail

Crib Netting

If your baby have no his own crib, you can buy crib nets. It is not only can keep baby in safety, but also can keep the mosquito away.

Crib Netting

Baby blanket

Parents can place some sponge mat or the blanket around the baby bed. Once baby was fall off the bed, it can prevent the severe injury.


Why baby will be easy to fall off bed?

  • Baby is too young to know what danger is. The nervous system of his brain is still too young to have the ability of estimating a variety of dangers.
  • They are not familiar to control his body’s muscle. So sometimes, he just want to change another posture, but accidentally it is out of control. Well, the incident was happened.
  • When baby is 4 months old, baby moms have to look after him carefully. Because he has already have the ability to turn over his body. Baby in this age really prefer to do exercise.

How to do when your baby falls down?

This is mother’s nature. When baby falls down from the bed, she must be very scary. And she will put him up quickly. Actually, this is not wise. You don’t know which part he got hurt. If you were just touch the site of his injury, it will get worse. So how can you do?

  1. Check his wound immediately for dozens of seconds instead of holding him up. Does it any fracture or bleeding?

Well, if baby cries immediately after falling off bed, and moves his hands and feet as usual, it means his head was not hit. If there is no any severe injuries, you can hold him up carefully.

  1. Treatment of the light wound

No fracture and bleeding just swelling: apply some medicinal oils on the wound, and then cold compress.

Just a few scratches: have a disinfectant on the wound and then bound the wound. After the fall, try to communicate with him and observe his reaction. If he falls asleep, you have to wake him up. If he has no any weird problem, it will be ok. But in the next three days, you still need to pay attention to him.

  1. Treatment to the bleeding

If baby got hurt and bleeding, parents have to help him stop bleeding. Try to apply pressure to stop bleeding. If baby’s nose was hurt, you can apply pressure on the bridge of his nose to stop bleeding. Please remember don’t raise his head. Otherwise, it will result in the vomit. After your treatment, if it get worse, you must take him to the hospital immediately.

  1. Treatment to the fracture

Once baby can’t move after a fall, and cry strongly. Have a check firstly. Maybe it is a fracture. Parents should be stay calm. And then help baby fix to the injured part. If parents were not familiar to the treatment, please ask help from the emergency workers.


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