Why Baby Refuses to Drink Milk Suddenly?

Have you ever experienced that your baby refused to drink milk suddenly? We all know that milk always has a strong appeal to baby. So why baby will say no to milk?

Here are some reasons for baby exceptionally refuse milk besides he got sick.

  1. Milk-disliked period

Baby will less concentration on drinking milk in 4-5 months old. Here is the signal for milk-disliked period.

How to deal with it?

  • No need to force him to drink a bottle of milk.
  • Find a quiet place where baby is not in the least perturbed while baby is prepared to drink milk.
  • Seek a good chance when baby is sleepy.
  • Try to do more exercise with him, so that he will have a good appetite to drink milk.
  1. Too early or too late to feed solids

Baby will lose passion to drink milk once have the solids too early. And it will also lead to other digestion diseases.

Meanwhile, it is not suggested to feed solids too late. There is no enough nutrition to his body while he is growing up.

How to deal with it?

The best time to feed solids is in about 6 month.

  1. Feed with vegetable juice or fruit juice

A great many baby moms consider the fruit or vegetable juice as the nutritious food. What’s worse, some baby moms believe that adding sugar in the water will tempt him to drink. Actually, it is the strong flavor which baby begin to refuse the tasteless milk or breastmilk.

What should you do?

  • Change the vegetable or fruit juice into puree.
  • Don’t add sugar into the water. Baby had better to drink the pure water.
  • He doesn’t like the taste of the formula milk.

Some babies will refuse to drink the new formula milk. Sometime the taste of breast milk will also change for baby mom change her diet style.

No matter why baby refuses to drink milk, baby mom still need to figure it out. Because the milk is the nutritious food for his development.

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