Why Baby Grinds His Teeth While He Is Asleep

Some babies will grind their teeth while they are asleep. So normally baby moms will concern about it why.

Do you know what it is to grind his teeth while asleep in the night. It is one symptom which the upper and lower teeth will unconsciously grind each other while he is asleep in the night. But he didn’t suffer any pain from it. Although it has no harm to baby’s teeth, it has bad influence on periodontium. Here are some reasons why baby will suffer from it.

  • There is no balanced diet during baby’s teething. Without enough vitamin D and feeding solids in time, it will has a bad influence on the development of baby’s teeth. Some will result in improper development of the upper and lower teeth, dentognathic deformity , and so on. So it is easy to grid teeth in the night.
  • If baby has any digestion problem, it also will lead to grinding teeth. Because baby has less activity in night after having the dinner, some food will be hard to digest in the stomach.
  • If baby suffers from parasite, this will bring about grinding teeth.

How to solve this problem?

  1. Try to make a balanced diet when teething. The supply of trace element is extremely important.
  2. Keep the teeth clean after having the dinner. It is best to keep far away from the sweet food.
  3. Go to bed early instead of staying up all night. Sometimes baby grinds his teeth for he got so much excitement from the cartoon. Therefore parents can manage to lead him to watch other cartoon with the quiet plot.

If get worse, patents should take him to see a doctor.

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