Why Baby Against Car Safety Seat?

Perhaps the new parents are all experienced that your little one is really reluctant to seat in the car safety chair. So why they are unwilling to take the car safety seat? It’s uncomfortable for them to seat in the safety chair.

Normally the young and energetic baby is quite unwilling to take it, for he always considers that he would lose freedom once fasten the seat belt. Therefore when he catches the sight of the safety chair, he will become nervous, especially his mom or dad is trying to tie him by the seat belt.

How deal with this problem?

  1. Make a habit

It is suggested that parents can set out to purchase the safety chair before he is born. And then after he was born, stick to take the safety chair once you need to go out by car. Gradually, he will follow his regular practice when he take the car.

  1. What can you do for the baby without the regular practice

Try to take his attention from having safety chair. For instance, show him his favorite food or some toys with peculiar fascination.

  1. Make him enjoy the journey on the safety chair

Baby was born with the thought that enjoy drawing other’s attention to himself. He will cry if no one to pay attention to him or play with him especially they can’t enjoy the outside scenery for they still are small. So it is good idea to leave an adult in the backseat.

  1. Your driving style should make him relax.

Don’t try to drive the car as fast as it could possibly go. The safety is very important, otherwise, your little one will in a panic and lose his temper.

  1. He has no any sense of danger at all.

For the toddlers, they have no sense of danger at all. Especially they have no idea of how can the annoying chair protect him from danger. So sometimes parents should teach them such common sense.

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