Why Babies Cry and How to Make Them Calm Down

We have all experienced that sometimes the babies will cry suddenly. The parents will comfort him a little. But the baby seem as if get out of control. “My godness, what should I do?! Can you shut up?!” The parents exclaimed. It makes the parents confused. Because they don’t know how to get the exact information about hunger, pain, scare, feeling uncomfortable,and so on,from the babies.

There are some most common reasons for the learner to find out why the babies cry.

  1. When the baby cry, he may feel hungry.

The infants can’t express what he needs through the word. Here are some signs. The baby put their hands into the mouth frequently or compress his lip. These signs should be taken into consideration. You maybe need to feed the baby.

  1. If their stomach is full of the gas, he will cry for the colic,

This will bring about the baby crying. It is painful for the baby trapping by the stomach colic. They will cry for about three hour a day to varying degrees. So how to know the baby being confused by the colic or not. Once after finishing the feeding for the baby, the baby will cry. The parent need to pay attention to this reason.

  1. When the baby pee in the diaper, the dirty diaper also make him crying.

The baby feel uncomfortable for the dirty diaper. They will cry loudly to draw attention to himself. So the parents will change a clean diaper for him.

Sometimes, different babies have different reasons. The infants can’t tell the parents about their thoughts via words. No matter what the reason is, one helpful motion the parent can do it is still to comfort the baby. And try to find out what the baby need.


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