Which Sleeping Posture is good for Baby?

A great many of new moms are confused by the sleeping posture of their babies. Every sleeping posture has its pros and cons. The most important is to keep baby safety.

  1. The Corpse              

Pros: good for mouth and nose’s breath

Sleeping on your back have been considered the best sleeping posture traditionally. It looks comfortable, for it distributes weight evenly throughout the body, without putting stress on any specific area. And baby’s nose will not be covered by the pillow or bedsheet. It is beneficial for his breath.

Cons: If baby vomit milk from repletion, easy to be out of breath

It is not safe to sleep on back, for newborn is normally easy to vomit milk. If baby sleep on his back and on a horizontal surface, the vomitus will block up on the throat and gradually enter into the nasal cavity. Thus it will make him out of breath.

How to solve this problem?

  • Help baby to sleep on the slope.   Make a small slope by the bedsheet. Thus this treatment will gave no relief to vomit milk.
  • Help him to put his head aside slightly.   When baby is sleeping on his back, mom can attempt to put his little head aside. Thus the vomitus will flow out by his mouth.
  1. Sleeping chest-down

Pros: It is beneficial to the development of the slung.

Many new moms discovery that baby will less cry, if he sleeps chest down. And baby will get a beautiful head style. Additionally, it is no need to worry about the vomitus will make him out of breath.

Cons: His nose and mouth will be easy to be covered.

What concerned by the parents is that they can’t observe baby’s expression, once something emergency occurred.

How to deal with it?

  • It is suggested that taking this sleeping posture in daytime. So parents can notice it immediately.
  • Take the textile product away. And dispose of the fluffy bedsheet or pillow.
  1. Sleep on your side

Pros: good for the digestion

Sleeping on his side will good for his digestion and avoiding to snore.

 Cons: The babies who would like to sleep on his side, will get some head shape problems, such as the flat head. And the other drawback is the newborn can’t change the posture by himself.

How to solve it?

  • Help him to change to another side every 30 minute or one hour in daytime.






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