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Which Parents’ Traits will Hereditary To Baby?

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As we all know, the expectant perhaps really like to guess which their traits can hereditary to their babies. Apparently, facial features and figure is the most obvious factor. So what about others? And which can parents choose?

  1. Height

It is said that 70% will hereditary their parents’ height. And in the daily life, other factors, such as the nutrition will also have effect on the development of height. Therefore, if parents are tall, the baby have 70% opportunity to be hereditary.

  1. Figure shape

Metabolic rate will be hereditary, and people who has low metabolic rate will be easy to get fat. Therefore, if parents ‘s figure shape belongs to the style which is easy to get fat, the little baby will be possible to be fat. And one of the parent is fat, so the baby has 30% to be fat. If both of them are fat, thus, more than 50% to be fat.

  1. Facial feature

Eyes, nose, ears, even the size of eyes, the color of eyeball, and eyelash will be influenced by parents. For instance, the baby will have big eyes if his father or mother owns big eyes. Additionally, the size of nose belongs to dominant heredity. Baby will have a roman nose as his mother or father.

  1. Life

The possibility to have a long life will partially be influenced by the family. If the older of your family have a long life, sometimes, the baby will be born to have it. But, of course, this is not the only reason. There are still many other factors. Such as environment, health and so on.

We just show some examples. Actually, hereditary is still a mystery for the scientist.

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