When Your Baby Can Know Who Is Who

It is said that newborn can know you from the milk’s flavor in the first month, and identify his mom in third month. So when your baby can know precisely you and his dad? “He was supposed to know me, but it seemed alien to him when I was back from a business trip”, the baby dad exclaimed.

How baby learn to identify the people around him?

Newborn usually learns to identify something from the image rather than the characteristics of the objects before 3 years old. They consider the objects as one image to remember.

Newborn can remember the image of his mom after 3-4 months old, for his mom or the most intimate people often appear in front of him. These faces will be an image on the newborn’s brain. This is the initial memory. Therefore, he will show his interest on the women who is as the same image as his mom. But he will cry if the image is relatively different from his mom’s shape. For instance, one big man appears in front of him.

When the baby can recognize different people?

Baby can’t distinguish his family and strangers during 1-2 months old. He is gradually familiar to his family in 8 months old. And it is piece of cake to make a distinction between family and strangers.


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