When Your Baby Can Discard The Paper Diaper

Actually, there is no exact time for the different development of babies. A great number of babies in 2.5-3.5 years old can tell parents when they want to pee. However, about 20% still have bed-wetting until 5 years old.

So how to train them to go to rest room?

  1. It is not suggested that train him early, for the muscle of bowel movement will develop enough until 18 -24 month.
  2. You can have a training after 1.5 years old. In this time, he can catch the information from others.
  3. Try to buy a lovely little carry potty which he regards it as his toy.
  4. If you are available, you can attempt to find the regular pattern of his bowel movement. For instance, he need to pee once wake up. You can take him to the carry potty when he wake up.
  5. Imitate other babies from the cartoon. Toddler is fond of imitate other’s behavior during this age.
  6. According the regular pattern of his bowel movement, you can gradually manage to let him wear underpants instead of paper diaper.
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