What Newborn Can See and What He Like To See

What Newborn Can See?

Your newborn starts to communicate with you beyond crying. So do you know what he can see and what he like to see? Maybe you say no. You can’t capture anything from his innocent eye sight.

Usually, the development of the infant’s eyesight system is quite fast. He can keep pace with the moving slowly objects when he is 1 month old. In 6 months old, the ability of the infant become stronger. The colorful things can stimulate infant’s eyesight. And infant usually is attracted by the colorful toys in the dull room.

No need to worry about the colorful thing will do harm for their eyesight but the lamp with strong light.

What Infant Like To See?

  1. Newborn has a passion for observing other’s face. In the experiment, when newborn was face to his mother, he will glue to mom’s face accompanied by his big and serious eyes.
  2. Infant has ability to remember what he see

For the newborn, he has ability to remember what he see. Let’s illustrate. One mom wear a facemask when she is in the breast-feeding. The little one in her hug is full of curiosity about her face. He look a bit strange and nervous after observing his mom’s face. This results in that his volume of the breast milk decrease at that time. And a great number of things go wrong at precisely. He was drowsy and nervous in his crib. This show that what the baby see will make an impression on his brain.

The newborn has an advantage of observing the surround. So parent need to avoid the strong light to do harm to baby’s eyes.



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