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What Myopia Pregnant Should Pay Attention to?

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What is myopia pregnant?

Myopia pregnant is someone who is nearsighted during the pregnancy. For the high myopia, there are so many things to worry about. For instance, high myopia pregnant would worry about that will it be genetic with her baby. Does her vision will be change during pregnancy? Can she wear contact lens? What kind of eye drops can use? Can she have eye make-up?

Take several minutes to read and learn everything you have to know about the myopia pregnant.

During the period of pregnancy, what can pregnant eat and do?

  1. Sunshine is good for the development of retina.
  2. Eat more food which contain vitamin.

  Vitamin A: Which food can contains vitamin? Carrot, Leek, Spinach, Egg yolk. Without Vitamin A, some women will experience dry eye during the period of pregnancy.

  Vitamin B1: Wheat, Fish, Meat

  Vitamin B2: Milk, String beans, Lean Meat, Fresh Vegetable

  Vitamin C: Fresh Fruit

Will it be genetic with baby?

If parents are the strong nearsighted, myopia baby is a possibility.  However, the expert said that the daily life habit is more important. Some babies were the myopia gene carrier, and they are not the myopia at first. But with the bad habit in the daily life, they will be easy to be nearsighted.

Does pregnant vision will be change during pregnancy?

Normally, if someone is strong nearsighted, it is suggested that he had better not to have the strenuous exercise. Otherwise, the strong exercise will result in the detachment of retina. During the delivery of pregnant, it is very dangerous. So you had better ask help from your doctor. But you also no need to worry about that. Your doctor will help to avoid the detachment of retina.

Can pregnant wear contact lens?

Once you are pregnant, contact lens solutions is safe to use. But you need to keep cleaning your contact lenses with an enzymatic cleaner more often.

For the pregnant who get the gestational diabetes, it is not suggested to wear the contact lenses.

Can pregnant have eye make-up?

If pregnant have the eye make-up, the eye lip is easier to get the hordeolum than ever. So during the period of pregnancy, natural look is better. Even with the natural look, the pregnant is still a beautiful mom in the world.

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