What Mom Need To Do When Baby Is Teething

What’s the symptoms of the teething baby?

Teething is something painful for the baby. Accompanied by crying, being easily irritable, a slight fever, headache and loss of appetite. And he usually act like a doggy, bit anywhere, anytime, and anybody. As parents, you must have an enormous worries about them. So what can you do to soothe the little one?

Wipe their dribble on the mouth with a soft and warm handkerchief.

The skin of baby’s mouth is easy to be irritated, and sometimes the bacteria will cause rashes when the first teeth appears. Mom can attempt to wipe his mouth dribble softly. Using the warm handkerchief can avoid the skin being irritated. However if the wound get worse, mom need to go to see a doctor.

Gum Swelling

Parents try to wipe hie gum softly by the gauze with cold water.

The appearance of the teeth will stimulate baby’s gum, and result in a chain of reactions, such as gum swelling, biting his little hands, or others’ hands. Because he will feel a little comfortable after releasing pressure from gum inside.

Say No to Eat

Try to comfort the little one with your patience. And try your best to make the soft solids to feed him. Teething makes him uncomfortable and painful, nor any mood to eat. So show your patience to him.



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