What Can You Do Once Your Pet Scratches Baby

A great many families never fail to keep a variety of pets. As we all know, animal is a friend of human being. But sometimes inevitably the pet will scratch or bite your baby. Once your baby were infected by the bacteria, animal parasiteras or virus from animal, what can you do?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

How to teach baby to get along with pet?

What can you do once your pet hurt baby?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

  1. I know maybe your family would like to play with the adorable pet. In some family, they would sleep with his pet. Actually, expert said that it is not suggested to sleep with doggy, Cat, especially the baby.
  2. Have a shower to the doggy. Keep him clean. You can wash it with doggy shower shampoo.
  3. Clean the floor, carpet regularly. Sometime doggy will make the floor or the carpet very dirty. We suggest one kind of pet stain and odor eliminator to you. This is very significant. It can make the stains and odors of doggy completely eliminated.
  4. Keep baby’s hand clean after touching the doggy.

How to teach baby to get along with pet?

  1. Try your best to keep your baby away from your pet.

It is very dangerous to leave baby alone in the stroll. Baby has no any idea of danger, maybe he will be curiosity to catch the doggy’s ear or tail. Once the doggy is on the bad mood, we afraid that he will attack your baby.

  1. Don’t make your pet so excited that hurt your baby.
  2. Don’t feed baby in front of the pet.

Especially the doggy, its smell is keener than human being. While you are feeding baby, the delicious food will cause the doggy’s attack to your baby.

  1. Keep your pet’s house clean. Take preventive injection regularly.

Here are some emergency measures if baby were scratched by the pet

If baby were unlucky to be hurt by the pet, do remember that don’t squeeze the wound for there is no poison as bit by cobra. Once did it, the virus will expand to the blood rapidly, and then attach nervous system seriously.

The effective solution is to wash the wound as soon as possible. The best time is within 2 hours. Firstly, wash the wound by the clean water for about 30 minutes. Secondly, apply 70% of medical alcohol on the wound. If the wound is serious, you have to send him hospital as soon as possible after bind up the wound.

Inject the vaccine as soon as possible

You should consult the doctor when and how many times should the victim inject the vaccine.

Baby parents do remember that there is no need to be in a panic. Just manage to look after and comfort him. 

If you have any good idea, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment and share with all of us. Thank you.


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