Walk In Bare Feet Is Benefit to baby’s health

In China, the elder said Cold is coming from the feet. Their meaning is that feet is the place where it is so easy to feel cold. So you have to keep the feet warm. Actually, it doesn’t make sense. Here are some advantages.

  1. Walking in bare feet will benefit for learning how to walk.

Baby can feel the ground when he walk in bare feet. The different material, hardness will stimulate baby’s brain. And this is beneficial to baby’s sense of touch. But when your baby begins to learn to walk, you had better to clean the floor. Because the skin of their feet is very fragile at the beginning. After they have already been used to walking on the ground, you can let him run everywhere.

  1. Expert said that walking in bare feet can reduce the opportunity to get the feet disease.

Without shoes, they can walk or run freely. This is the best time for them to promote the flexibility of their little joint. Sometime the feet was confined in the wet shoes. This will result in a series of feet disease.

  1. Baby will be clever if walk in bare feet.

When baby walk in bare feet, it will stimulate the peripheral nerve. And the feedback will promote baby’s response and brain’s logic ability.

  1. Walking in bare feet can massage baby’s feet , and accelerate blood circulation. Thus this will do healthy to baby’s body.

Some moms will doubt that weather let babies wear the socks or not. Just according to the weather and the environment,  if the baby feel cold, so you can let him wear the sock.

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