Three Methods To Deal Wth Baby Kicking Quilt

A great number of new moms are experienced that baby kicks quilt in the midnight or when your eyesight is away from him. You can’t focus on him every minute, but you are worry about him.

Here are 3 methods to solve this problems.

  1. Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is a good ideal method to avoid baby getting cold in the midnight for kicking quilt. The comfortable design should be taken into consideration when you are prepared to buy it.

  1. The indoor temperature

You can try to set the temperature of your bedroom in 20 degree. Thus, baby will less kicking quilt in such comfortable environment. If you want to check it whether cold or not, try to touch his back instead of his little hands.

  1. Don’t choose the heavy quilt.

Some parents will make a mistake that the heavy quilt can avoid baby kicking it. Actually, the heavier will easily cause this incidents.

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