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This Flight Ticket Evader is A 4 Years Old Girl!

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We perhaps heard the story about train or bus ticket evader. To our surprise, one 4 years old girl was a flight ticket evader in Beijing Capital International Airport on July 16, 2017. On the flight of Beijing to Shanghai, this incident have caused panic of all the passengers. They needed to have a security inspection again and this aircraft has been delayed for about 5 hours.  

As we all know, the level of the airport’s security checks is very high. So how this 4 years old freeloader can pass the security check successfully? Yes, it is her parents. The little girl maybe had no idea about that she was making a mistake. It is an unforgettable incident in his life. But her parents were still to lead her to make it. After that, she and her parents perhaps regarded this was a failed action. We are afraid that people will “challenge” to be bus ticket evader or train next time.

Parents are the important teachers to their child in their whole life. Sometimes, no matter what you do, children would like to imitate and learn it. So how to be a good teacher for the children? 

  1. Be a follower to the rules

Sometimes, some people will ignore or look down upon the rules. They even consider the rule as a constraint to him. Actually, all of us should respect it, for its purpose is to protect our safe from hurting. For instance, when you are passing the road, be patient to follow the rule of the traffic light. Never try to run a red light. Your behavior will be imitated by your child. Sometimes, the little guy will doubt that why other people can run the red light, but he can’t do it. So you should be a good follower to rule in this time. And tell him the danger to run a red light

  1. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Never try to challenge or break the rule. Penny wise, pound foolish. Children is too small to tell where the danger is. They even have no idea about what is right. If this ticket evader was successfully, maybe her parents or family would be happy to save the money. Thus she will regard her behavior as a happy thing. Next time maybe she will do it again until she get the punishment. This will do harm to her development.

All in all, parents should be a good model to the child.


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