The Best Time to Start Weaning Your Baby

Breastfeeding is beneficial to the development of infant, but for the different necessary in different age, baby mom have to start weaning your baby.

Normally, the best time to start weaning is during the 8-10 months old. A great many baby moms try to wean in about the 4th month, for they have to work. It is not suggested that wean the baby in the 4th month, because the breast milk is superior to other. Nothing can replace it.

  1. Why have to wean?
  • After one year old, the breast milk can’t supply the needs of the baby’s development. What’s more, the worse is likely to get sick, such as rickets, anemia or has no appetite, and so on.
  • Baby is set out to teething, so it is the time to feed the solids. Weaning is a milestone for the development of baby. And a great variety of solids can not only satisfy the need of body, but help teething.
  • Baby mom will likely get hurt if still not try to weaning the baby.
  1. How to help baby to weaning?
  • Consult your doctor whether you can attempt to weaning your baby or not. Normally, the pediatrician will check your baby ‘s health and then makes a decision.
  • Hardly anyone can weaning baby in one time. It is a natural process. Make different kinds of solids and lure him. Delicious solids have a peculiar fascination to him. Slowly, he will less to rely on the breast milk.
  • Don’t breastfeed frequently as usual. Try to replace with the formula milk gradually.
  • We can’t avoid that baby will cry or scream for the breast milk. We all know it is difficult for your infant, but you need to make a resolution.
  • Baby dad will be a good helper
  • During the time of weaning, sometimes baby dad can try to replace baby mom to look after your infant. Thus baby will less rely on baby mom.
  1. How many days does can weaning baby successfully?

It is decided by your baby’s health and mood. Some baby will in one week, but other will be confused by several months. And please do remember that don’t choose to weaning in summer. Because in the hot weather, normally baby has no appetite on eating. Thus it will result in different diseases.

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