The Baby who prefers to imitate will be more clever

It is said that the baby who prefers to imitate others’ behavior will be more clever. So when they will begin to imitate and how to guide him to imitate.

  1. When the baby will set out to imitate others’behavior?

Normally, you will discovery that your 6 months old baby really enjoys imitating from you. For instance, if you knock on the door with some rhythm sound, he will manage to do it with curiosity.

Actually, newborn was born with the ability to imitate something new. When you are feeding him with the command, he will open his mouth waiting for the delicious food. You will find out that you  indicate him to open mouth while you give him the command. This is the sign that baby learning from you.

  1. How to guide him to imitate?

Inevitably baby will learn some bad behaviors from the people around him. So it is necessary to guide him to imitate the good behaviors. Baby is more likely to imitate somebody or something he is interested in. Sometimes he is fond of imitating the sound of animals. If he has no idea to imitate, as a parent, you can offer him a suggestion. Additionally, don’t blame him if he enjoys in imitating. This is the beginning of innovation. And the baby who is interested in imitated would be more clever.

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