Taming the Trouble Two

After 2 years old, you will discovery that your kid often loses his temper or cries suddenly. If you were not to take him seriously, he will be more trouble. Actually, this is his own peculiar way to express what he want or how he think. Once you get the trouble from the trouble two of you kid, keep calm down instead of getting mad.

Here are some ways to tame your kid’s tantrums.

  1. What exactly make him lose his temper?

Maybe you can’t satisfy his needs and desires. Actually, sometimes it results from the very simple things, such as hungry, uncomfortable, sleepy, or teething. Try to control you temper first, and figure out his problems first.

  1. Be a friend to talk with him instead of blaming him firstly. 

The kid in this age relatively would like to draw other’s attention to himself. Without parent’s attention, he will crying more serious. After he tell you his truly thought, give him a hug. Give the time for him to explain it and he will feel better than before.

  1. Keep him for danger

Toddler has no any sense of danger at all, especially when he is losing his temper. You must take the fragile things or something easy to hurt him away, and attend to comfort him.

  1. Give him the quiet time

Sometime he will refuse anything when he is angry at you. So the quiet time is an effective way to solve the problem. After he has totally calmed down, you can have a chat with him. And tell him your opinion. Normally, he will accept yours than before.

Anyway, no matter how you kid tame, and how you blame him, after that you had better tell him you always love him.


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