Some Mistakes will Make When Introduce the Solids to Baby

Solids is not the main food for baby before his first birthday. Expert recommend breastfeeding until baby is at least 6 month old. . Because breast milk contains so much nutrition, especially the vitamin. After that, if the baby has a great of interests on food, moms can provide some fuss-free food for the baby. But don’t weaning so early.

Don’t weaning when introduce solids to baby

Breast milk contains enough vitamin than formula milk and the solids. Mom still need to keep breastfeeding every day. Breast milk’s nutrition will change naturally to satisfied baby’s body need in different periods. But solids can’t do that.

Do some fuss-free solids.

Solids was supposed to keep babies from hungry. Actually, the purple is to get different nutrition from different food and baby need variety in his diet. Rice flour has priority over others at the beginning. And then add some egg, chopped noodle, meat and a variety of vegetable

Less salt in baby solids

Expert recommend that don’t add salt in the infant solids before 8 month ago.

Baby kidney is not fully grown. The excessive salt will bad for it. So mom should remember that if the baby dislike the solid, you should think about other homemade recipe rather than add salt to the food.

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