Signs of the Autism from Infancy to Adult

The autism normally has no interest in communicating with others. The signs is different in the different age.


Newborn with autism usually avoid to eye contact. And they are not friendly towards other. No reaction to his mom’s calling. Even there is no any smile on his face, although his family is trying their best to amuse him. He fails to observe and imitate other’s behavior as the peer.


Autism during babyhood still never rely on his parent, although he is a baby. He never deliberately set out to draw attention to himself by his eyesight or sound while he is alone. What’s more, we discovery that he never try to ask for help once he is uncomfortable.

Preschool age

With the development of the toddler with autism, he will become friendlier to his parent or brother than ever. Gradually, he has begun to make new friends but the poor and weird communication is still a problem. They often disregard the social convention.


Sometimes, they will be considered as an eccentric, for they are doing anything extraordinary without being conscious. But they are desired to be treat as the normal and the pure friendship.

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