Should Newborn Need To Drink Water When Breastfeeding

When mom should help baby to drink water and how much water the baby need to drink is a big question which new parents encounter.

The supply of water is different in different month.

  1. In the first six months

There is no need to drink extra water except the breastmilk and formula milk.

  1. After six months

We also regard the breastmilk and formula milk as the main food for the baby. Sometime you can feed some water to him but not more than 50ml.

  1. After 1 year

You can set out to conduct him to drink enough water every day. They gradually need water in this period.

Some new moms normally doubt that baby can’t drink water in the first six months.

Actually, there is 90% of water in the breast milk. So no matter which way you choose to feed your baby, don’t worry about the water except the doctor’s request.

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