Shocking!Family decoration painting could cause leukemia to children

Shocking!Family decoration painting could cause leukemia to children

Data statistics from hospital shows that,children who suffer from leukemia,90% of their family had the decoration to their house with painting in the past year.The oil painting pollution is the reason to the fatal disease leukemia.

In fact, there are 2 kinds of painting material. one is water-base painting, another is oil painting. Normally,water-base paint is 20% higher price than oil paint.So consider of the cost, some family will chose oil painting as their decoration material. Also the wall which use oil painting is more beautiful than water-base painting.however the water-base paint now is improving.

In 2016,the price of raw material to the paint industry had increase a lot,causing the rapidly improvement of the paint. Without the aware of harm from oil painting,some family will choose oil paint as their decoration painting.

To avoid the tragedy of leukemia,parents with children who want to decorate their house show abandan oil painting, spend more money to water-base painting.

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