Shocking! This 6 Years Old Toddler has Double Teeth

We were astonished to learn that this 6 years old toddler has double teeth in his mouth. What does it go wrong? After consulting the pediatrician, he advised the toddler to have it extracted. As the baby tooth don’t fall down by itself, it will increasingly hinder the new tooth to develop.

So what did it happened? Why these mistakes occur?

The truth is that he had no opportunity to use his teeth. His teeth start appearing between 4-7 months of age. In the 6 months old, he will begin to have solids. However, his mother was concerned about his little and fragile baby tooth will get hurt once he is chewing the solid food with them. So she is keeping feeding him with the chopped food.

After a long period of time, although it is helpful to digest, his tooth has lost the opportunity to harden.

Losing baby teeth is a major childhood milestone. When a baby tooth falls out successfully, it will make room for the permanent teeth at 6 years old.

Mom should feed the chopped food to your little one before his baby teeth coming out. After teething successfully, mom can try to add the solids and make some foods for him to chewing. This will do benefit to his teeth’s development.

So parent should not break the natural rule, otherwise it will result in some unbelievable problems.

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