Why Baby Will Smile When He Is Asleep

Do you discovery that sometimes your newborn will smile when he is asleep. It is really funny. But do you know why he will have this adorable behavior?

The function of his brain is not totally developed.

His brain is in earlier stages stages of development, so the various function wasn’t developed yet. Therefore, there are two kinds of sleep. One is rapid eye movement sleep, the other one is deep sleep. When baby is on the rapid eye movement sleep, some different expressions will on his face, and sometimes accompanied by sound. You may doubt that whether it is good for his health or not. Actually, there is no need to worry about that, because it is beneficial to his health.

When your baby can make the dream?

It is said that the baby, who is about 8 months in mom’s tummy, can make dream...

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Nail Biter will be easy to lead poisoning

Some baby moms were confused by their babies were nail biters. No matter what they are doing, they can’t help to bite their nails if their hands are available. We all know that it is a bad habit for it is really unhealthy.

What exactly is the nail biter?

It is a bad behavior that someone, most are the toddlers in about 3-6 years old, would like to bite their nails every time or everywhere. Some, but the minority, will make a recovery as they grow up .

Why toddlers like to bite nails?

A few kids get the habit from imitating others, nervousness or other personalities. Nail biting isn’t a big problem, but if kid can’t get rid of it, it will be an serious issue.

How to deal with the problem?

  1. Check it in hospital

Take him to the hospital if especially accompanied with some intense beh...

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What Can You Do Once Your Pet Scratches Baby

A great many families never fail to keep a variety of pets. As we all know, animal is a friend of human being. But sometimes inevitably the pet will scratch or bite your baby. Once your baby were infected by the bacteria, animal parasiteras or virus from animal, what can you do?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

How to teach baby to get along with pet?

What can you do once your pet hurt baby?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

  1. I know maybe your family would like to play with the adorable pet. In some family, they would sleep with his pet. Actually, expert said that it is not suggested to sleep with doggy, Cat, especially the baby.
  2. Have a shower to the doggy. Keep him clean. You can wash it with doggy shower shampoo.
  3. Clean the floor, carpet regularly...
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The Best Time to Start Weaning Your Baby

Breastfeeding is beneficial to the development of infant, but for the different necessary in different age, baby mom have to start weaning your baby.

Normally, the best time to start weaning is during the 8-10 months old. A great many baby moms try to wean in about the 4th month, for they have to work. It is not suggested that wean the baby in the 4th month, because the breast milk is superior to other. Nothing can replace it.

  1. Why have to wean?
  • After one year old, the breast milk can’t supply the needs of the baby’s development. What’s more, the worse is likely to get sick, such as rickets, anemia or has no appetite, and so on.
  • Baby is set out to teething, so it is the time to feed the solids. Weaning is a milestone for the development of baby...
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The Baby who prefers to imitate will be more clever

It is said that the baby who prefers to imitate others’ behavior will be more clever. So when they will begin to imitate and how to guide him to imitate.

  1. When the baby will set out to imitate others’behavior?

Normally, you will discovery that your 6 months old baby really enjoys imitating from you. For instance, if you knock on the door with some rhythm sound, he will manage to do it with curiosity.

Actually, newborn was born with the ability to imitate something new. When you are feeding him with the command, he will open his mouth waiting for the delicious food. You will find out that you  indicate him to open mouth while you give him the command. This is the sign that baby learning from you.

  1. How to guide him to imitate?

Inevitably baby will learn some bad behaviors from the p...

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Can Pregnant Women Swim in Summer?

In the past, there is no swimming when you are expecting a baby. Actually, it is beneficial to the expectant with the ready water temperature. But you have to consult with your doctor before you are setting out to have a swimming if it is the first time to do it. And the temperature of the pool water should be not warmer than 32 degrees. Here are some advantages to swim.


  1. With the support of the buoyancy, expectant’s dorsal muscles and psoas will feel relax. Because it help to support the heavier gravid uterus.
  2. It helps to boost pregnant heart and lung function
  3. Benefit for the development of the baby
  4. Keep a healthy body shape and especially for the recovery after giving birth.
  5. Have a good sleep after having a swimming

What should you need to be prepared?

  1. The temperature of...
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5 Ways to Teach Baby to Eat By Himself


A great many new moms were confused by how to teach baby to eat by himself. Some naughty babies always like to run away when their moms begin to feed them. Here are some tips for your reference.

  1. Baby Lunch Chair is superior to the other chair

Baby is so energetic that he can’t calm down to ready to eat. And refuse to put on the bib. Therefore a baby lunch chair will successfully confined him. Perhaps he will struggle at the beginning, but what you need to do is to insist that.

  1. Keep far away from TV and toys

Baby can’t focus on eating if the TV or the toy is in front of him. Thus it is difficult to help him make a good habit for eating.

  1. Change Kids’ diet

If you have already began to feed the solid food to the baby, the most important is to cook the different delicious food f...

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How to Answer the Millions of Questions from the Toddler

We perhaps have experienced that your kid asks so many questions every day. “Where do bears live?””In the forest””Why””That’s where the food is””Why””That’s why…” Yes, it almost draws you mad but you still try your best to answer it. According to the survey, the average 4-year-old asks 437 questions every day. Should you need to ask it precisely all? Some moms do concern about that if ignore his every question, it will result in that he has no curiosity to everything since that.

Actually, there are three kinds of “why”.

  1. One is to draw attention to himself. For instance, you are preparing the dinner at the kitchen. “Mom, what will we eat this night?””Fish””Why?””Because it is benefit for your health.””Why?””For it is delicious...
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Taming the Trouble Two

After 2 years old, you will discovery that your kid often loses his temper or cries suddenly. If you were not to take him seriously, he will be more trouble. Actually, this is his own peculiar way to express what he want or how he think. Once you get the trouble from the trouble two of you kid, keep calm down instead of getting mad.

Here are some ways to tame your kid’s tantrums.

  1. What exactly make him lose his temper?

Maybe you can’t satisfy his needs and desires. Actually, sometimes it results from the very simple things, such as hungry, uncomfortable, sleepy, or teething. Try to control you temper first, and figure out his problems first.

  1. Be a friend to talk with him instead of blaming him firstly. 

The kid in this age relatively would like to draw other’s attention to himself...

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Why Baby Against Car Safety Seat?

Perhaps the new parents are all experienced that your little one is really reluctant to seat in the car safety chair. So why they are unwilling to take the car safety seat? It’s uncomfortable for them to seat in the safety chair.

Normally the young and energetic baby is quite unwilling to take it, for he always considers that he would lose freedom once fasten the seat belt. Therefore when he catches the sight of the safety chair, he will become nervous, especially his mom or dad is trying to tie him by the seat belt.

How deal with this problem?

  1. Make a habit

It is suggested that parents can set out to purchase the safety chair before he is born. And then after he was born, stick to take the safety chair once you need to go out by car...

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