Newborn Was Infected Deadly Virus For His Mom Cut His Umbilical Cord By The Broken Bowl!

One mom cut the umbilical cord by the broken bowl when she was giving birth to the baby girl in the eastern of China. Unfortunately, the baby girl was infected by the deadly virus. We all want to blame this careless mom intensely. But now hold on please. Neither this mom nor other newborn parents know how to take care of the baby umbilical cord. So it is very important to know it.

After giving birth to the baby, the doctor will cut the umbilical by using aseptic technique. And have a disinfection for the surrounding.

Before the umbilical fell off, parents need to protect the surrounding of the newborn’s tummy-button. Keep dry and clean for it, especially after having a shower.

Somethings mom should to pay attention to:

  1. Don’t wipe newborn’s tummy-button.
  2. Keep your hands clean and don’t cover his tummy-bottle by the paper diaper.
  3. Having a disinfection clockwise by the wet cotton swab.


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