New Moms will Make Such Mistakes.

  1. Clean nipple before breastfeeding

New moms are all experienced that set out to clean their nipples carefully before breastfeeding. Actually, we can’t avoid any bacteria in this process. In the infant’s first tasting of breast milk, his mouth had already began to touch the aerobic bacteria, which clings to new mom’s nipple. Don’t in a panic for such feeding plays an important part in the building of infant’s intestinal flora and starting his immunologic function up.

Note: No need to clean new mom’s nipple deliberately before set out to breastfeed. Unless sweat a lot. And please do remember to wipe it with the clean and wet towel rather than the wet wipes.

  1. Rely on using the wet wipes

The disinfectant composition in the wet wipes will enter into baby’s stomach and intestine when parents often clean his hands and mouth by the wet wipes. Some will result in imbalance of intestinal flora.

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