Nail Biter will be easy to lead poisoning

Some baby moms were confused by their babies were nail biters. No matter what they are doing, they can’t help to bite their nails if their hands are available. We all know that it is a bad habit for it is really unhealthy.

What exactly is the nail biter?

It is a bad behavior that someone, most are the toddlers in about 3-6 years old, would like to bite their nails every time or everywhere. Some, but the minority, will make a recovery as they grow up .

Why toddlers like to bite nails?

A few kids get the habit from imitating others, nervousness or other personalities. Nail biting isn’t a big problem, but if kid can’t get rid of it, it will be an serious issue.

How to deal with the problem?

  1. Check it in hospital

Take him to the hospital if especially accompanied with some intense behaviors, or his nails get hurt from biting. For instance,

  1. Never remind him of biting nails.

Sometimes, he has no any idea that he likes to bit nails. Therefore, don’t blame him about that. Some toddlers who are in rebellion period, what he like to do is against your any commands.

  1. His hands are not available.

We all know that they bit their nails when their hands are available.

So attempt to keep his hands busy. For example, put some toys in his hand. Thus he has no time to bit it.

Biting nail is an impulse control problem. If kids bit nails, the bacteria or viral who stick in will enter into body. Especially, lead likes to hide in the nail. Once accumulated lead enter into kid’s digest system. The more serious is lead poisoning.

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