Infant Massage

Infant massage was proved to be of great benefits for infant’s health. Massaging can help infant to sleep. When the parent is using her hands to massage the baby, the temperature of the hands will make baby feels more intimate to his parent. It can make a good relation with the baby, relieve the tummy colic, digest, and improve baby’s immune system. In the last decade, infant massage has already been popular among the developed countries, such as United State and Australia, and so on.

When to Start the Massage

Baby parents do remember that don’t take the massage before a meal or after. Try to find out a good time when your baby is quiet and have a good mood.

Make a Preparation

Squeeze a little infant massage oil out and have a test on the baby skin. Make sure he has no an allergy to this massage oil. And keep your hands cleaning before having a massage.

Make a move

We can begin the massage from the legs. Because sometimes they feel no hostility on his legs when other touch it. Spread a little massage oil on the legs and gently wrap his little legs around. And then hold his foot firmly, and gently massage his feet and his toes.

If the baby enjoy the massage, you can continue to his tummy and his chest. Using your finger to softly massage his abdomen in a circular clockwise.

Some babies like to defend to wash his air. Massaging his head since he is young will make him accept it.

The massage can last about 10-30 Mins according to the infant’s mood. Expert suggests that parent can help the infant to take the massage until he is 3 years old. It is the Golden Time of the baby’s nervous system to develop.

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