How to Wash Baby’s New Clothes?

The expert said that we should wash the new cloth before we are set out to dress it. Because there will have some chemical products, such as formaldehyde on the cloth. Sometime, we will get a strange smell from the cloth. Maybe it comes from formaldehyde. If the workers who were in the factory didn’t clean it, the harmful substance will gradually hurt you.

So how to wash it?

  1. Wash it with the water

You can let it soak in the water with salt about half an hour. And then wash it again by the pure water. The formaldehyde can partly dissolve in water. What’s more, it can be disinfected by adding salt.

  1. Dry it under the sun

It is difficult to wash the winter clothes, such as the quilted jacket or feather dress. So you can try to hang it under the sun for about several days. It will get the same effective effort.

  1. How to wash the baby cloth?

You should try to wash the baby clothes and adult cloth separately. And you had better to wash the new baby clothes by hand and with the soft scour. After that it is better to wash it for more three times by the clean water. And then dry them under the sun.

If you have any good idea, welcome to leave the comments to us. Let’s share it with the other confused new moms.


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