How to Trim Newborn’s Fingernails?

It is extremely difficult to attempt to have a nail clipping for baby. They often struggled fiercely or lose his temper. So how to deal with it?

  1. Seeking chance

The best time is when he is asleep. Otherwise it is really tough for he is so active and the fingernails are too small.

  1. Keep the light bright

Try to take advantage of the bright light. We note that the color of his fingernail is so close to his skin. If you are a mom with poor eyesight, his fresh skin may be hurt.

  1. Using the professional nail clipper for baby

It is suggested that trim baby’s fingernails by the professional baby nail clipper, for the usual one which fit for adult will be easy to hurt him.

  1. Try to cut his fingernails along the curve of the fingers

The shorter, the worse. Because it is danger for him getting hurt with any fingernails.

  1. Check the boundary carefully after you are about to finish the task

Do remember to check the boundary. Avoiding the sharp boundary will hurt baby.

  1. How to clean the dirty thing inside baby nails?

Place the baby hands into the warm water for a while. And then pick it out with the baby scissors.


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