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How To Train The 8-9 Months Old Baby To Crawl

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Crawling is the first step for the baby to learn how to walk. Here are some suggestions for you training your baby.


Giving your hand to him

The learner has no idea to support his body by his hands and foot, and his little tummy is always keeping down close to the bed. Thus, you can hold his stomach by your hands and raise his little belly up. Firstly, his hands and foot can partly support his body. And then get him on the move.

Crawl forward mom

An attracted object, in front of him, will arouse his pleasure to get close. Mom can attempt to stand in front of him, and encourage him to crawl forward you. For instance, you can make a hug motion, and tell him you want to give him a hug.

Crawling forward his toy

Put his toy which with the sound, and attract him to do his effort to crawl forward to get it. After he did, please do remember to show your admire to him.

Change the gesture from sit to lie and then to crawl forward


Put the food what he really love in the position where he can touch it if he sits. And he will manage to lie down and crawl forward to get what he wants. This is also a good way to educate him how to do his effort to get what he wants.



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