How To Know Baby Is Full?

As we all know, baby can’t express his feeling via words. So how to know whether he is stuffed or not. Here are some ways to help your judgment.

Sometimes we can get baby’s messages from their expressions or body language instead of words.

  1. Normally, so excited the baby is when catches the sight of the delicious food. They will cry for it once he can’t get it. However, after he has already been stuffed, he can’t concentrate on it any more. And the noise such as the knocking of the door, the ring of telephone, the sound of the traffic will easy to interrupt him. This is the signal that baby is full.
  2. Baby became quiet than before. The delicious food can’t appeal to him any more. This is also the signal that he is already tired of having lunch.
  3. Playing with spoon, hands, bowl, or food is also the signal.
  4. The other obvious signal is that he try to refuse any food you feed him. In this situation, if parent still keep feeding, he maybe cry, wiggle.

It is suggested that stop to feed baby once he is strongly refuse it. If you insist to do it, it will make a bad impression to him. Thus he will say “no” next time.

Here are some suggestions to develop the ability of feeling full or not.

  1. Make a timetable. 20-30 minutes for dinner.

It is difficult to stay focus for baby. Normally, they can stay in the dining chair for 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, he will has no patience. After 20 minutes, if baby is keeping eating, and has no obvious behavior to refuse food, we can regard that he is full.

  1. According to baby’s appetite, try to feed him in the normal speed. And make a note that how much he can eat when he begin to refuse the food. And then after several times, you can make a conclusion that how much he can eat.
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