How To keep Baby Safety In Bathroom

Babies always don’t have the concept of safety. They may easily get injuries in different places. To protect your baby,parents should pay more attentions.The edge of the table should be covered by foam bumper. The corner of the chair should be packed by foam bumper too. But in the bathroom,there will be other ways to keep baby safety.Compare with the lobby,baby don’t come to bathroom often.

There are tips to keep baby safe when in a bathroom.

1.non-slip mat in bathroom.

Bathroom is wet environment,not only for baby,also for adults. Wet environment can easily cause slip and fall.

Remember to cover the lid of potty,if possible lock the lid.Put water cushioned over the water faucets.

2.Put away Toilet cleaner and personal care tools.

Most families put toilet cleaner near the potty, if you have a baby,please don’t do that. Put the toilet cleaner to to a locked cabinet. Personal care items such as toothpaste,tooth brush,soaps,shampoos should be put in another cabinet and lock it. in a word,put items to place where your baby is hard to reach.


Some families store medicine in bathroom.Be careful about that. put they away.

4.Electric appliances and power socket.

Unplug your hair dryers and razors after you use it and put them back to a cabinet. To the power socket, if possible buy some power socket protector from internet.All power sockets should install ground-fault circuit interrupters.

5.Adults supervision

The most important thing of baby safety in bathroom is adult supervision.If you are away just for a moment,your baby can get injuries.

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