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How To Identify The Drooling Of The Baby Is Healthy Or Not

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The newborn has no enough ability to swallow the mouth water as adult. So the newborn is always a dribbler and needs a bib. Normally they will stop dribbling until 2 years old. If they are still drooling, you must take him to see the pediatrician.

You should keep alert about the following symptoms.

  1. The excessive drooling accompanied by angular stomatitis. Maybe he got sick of salivation resulting from the angular stomatitis.
  2. Baby refuses to be feeding frequently and have canker sore. It is the salivation caused from the canker sore.
  3. If the dribbling baby was born with a mental deficiency, maybe it is the result of the brain nervous system dysgenesis.

If the baby have can’t stop drooling, and accompanied with these symptoms, you must take him to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Some tips to take care of such dribblers.

  1. Use a soft bib and keep his face and neck clean.
  2. Wipe his face and neck with the warm water, and apply some lotion and cream to his face in the dry weather.


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