How to Guarantee The Safety Of Swimming Baby

Swimming is one kind of popular activity in summer. And there are also a thousands of advantages to take your baby to swimming pool. But several days ago, a video, which one toddler in China, about 2-3 years old, drown in the swimming pool was draw a lot of attention. In the video, sadly nobody noticed the drown girl until the 72 seconds. Fortunately, she was survived in the last second. It is ridiculous! There was no anyone aside in this public swimming baby pool. No safe measure or workers. Just the baby played in the water alone. The safety is very important if you decide to take her to swim. So baby parents should make a preparation before taking your baby to swim. Here are some suggestions for you. After reading it, you will be an expert to teach your baby to swim.

What kinds of babies cannot swim?

Which baby swimming products can you prepare at home?

How to choose the baby swimming pool?

  1. Some babies can’t swim.
  • Babies who get neonatal complications can’t swim.
  • Babies who get hurt of his skin will not allow to swim.
  • Babies who get cold, or suffer from diarrhea will also not allow.
  • If take vaccination, baby can swim after 24 hours.
  1. Which baby swimming products can you prepare at home?

It is common that a great number of babies were taken the neck ring to swim. Actually, it is not wise. It is baby swimming rather than neck swimming.


Baby neck is weaker than the adult. With neck ring, it is easy to hurt baby’s neck.

Some babies will be allergic to the plastic. And so on.

According to the development of the baby, they learn to raise their heads first and then walk. If float in the water vertically with the neck ring, what need to do exercise is the leg and feet rather than neck. This will against the regular growing of baby. Therefore it is not suggested to swim with the ring neck.

We suggest the following swimming products for the baby.

baby swim diapers

baby swim diapers

Baby Swim Trainer(3 months – 4 years)

Baby spring float boat

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

  1. How to choose the baby swimming pool?

According to the UK Swimming Association’s provision, the baby swimming pool should has the following conditions.

  • Temperature

The normal temperature should keep in 31-34℃. What’s more, for 0-2 years old, it must have the specialized swimming pool. The best temperature for them is the 34 degrees. 

  • Disinfect

It is very different from the adult’s swimming pool. Chlorine is bad for the baby skin. So for the baby swimming pool, it should be abandon the chlorine disinfection, and take the ozone disinfection.

  • How long to recycle the water?

The professional swimming pool will recycle the water every hour.

  • The design of the swimming pool

For the safety of the baby, the swimming pool should be design as the round.

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