How to Eat and Drink When Pregnant Is Giving Birth in Maternity

All the expectant who have no experience would concern that how to drink and eat in maternity. Normally, the expectant need to wait about more than 24 hours for giving birth, especially the first child. The time is so long during the time waiting for delivery. Giving birth to a child is labor. Therefore we suggest that having some food to save your energy.

Some expectant will have no any stomach to eat anything for the devastating pain. And what’s worse, some pregnancy stomachs will turn over. So we suggest that having some food who is easy to digest, such as biscuit, noodle, chocolate and so on.

So how to eat?

1. When you have already entered in the maternity, the earlier the best. Because the uterine contraction is not so strong. You can take it easy to eat some food.

2. Don’t eat so much one time.

During the time, it is a little difficult to digest, because a majority of blood would be focus in uterine. If you have so much food one time, it will be easy to vomit.

3. Eat regularly

Eating food is the best way to save your energy. So try to eat regularly.

4. Drink some sport drink

Sport drink would be easy to absorb, and refresh your body quickly.

You can also drink water, but just a little. If you drink much water in that time, the more, the less salt in your body. And then it will result in losing strength of you muscle, even pain. Because you will sweat as the contractions come on hard and painful. But there are so much salt will gone by the sweat.

Although it is a labor to giving birth, but it is really a great gift for all of you. 

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