How to Do When Your Child Lie?

A great number of parents are confused about that how to deal with it when child lies. Hit him or punish him? Sometimes blame and punishment will result in that children lie more than before and the skill is more clever. Here is one example. Caral and his child made an agreement that he can’t play IPAD during Monday to Friday, but he broken the agreement. This mommy worked overtime these several days. After backed, she found out that this little guy still not finish the homework, and broken his promise to play the IPAD. What makes Caral upset is he refused to admit what he did and lost his temper. So what should Caral do? If Caral lost her temper and punish him, maybe he will make a conclusion that next time he should be more clever. Thus he can’t be exposed.

Actually, from the data, we maintain that the child who like to lie, has one or two extremely severe parent.

Here are some suggestions for Caral’s reference.

  1. Hold on your temper firstly and manage to calm down. Have a mild talking with him. “Dear, tell mum what you did, i promise don’t blame you”. At the same time, you need to be honest and reliable, even after he has already tell you the truth.
  2. We all know it is difficult to tolerate what he did. So how to do?

     Tell him your feeling. “I am so sorry to hear that. I know you have your opinion, but we had better not do it again.        Because, you have no time to finish your homework. Right?” Remember to be gentle without any word to blame        him. And tell him to discuss one method to avoid such affair.

  1. Sometimes, as parents, you have no need to make any decision by yourself. What you need to do is to discuss with your child. And make several solutions to choose. Thus he can learn how to keep his promise and has responsibility to anything.
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