How to Clean Baby Feeding Bottle

Here are some key points for baby moms to clean baby feeding bottle.

  1. Within 6 month

You have at least taken it in high temperature disinfection every 24 hours for the baby is still extremely weak to against the bacteria and virus. You have better done it again if you didn’t use the bottle in the past 24 hours.

  1. After 6 months

At this time, you can clean the bottle with boiled water, because the baby is stronger than before.

  1. Using cleaner frequently to wash the bottle is not a good ideal method. Sometimes we cannot avoid the residues which comes from it.
  2. Baby feeding bottle is consist of bottle and nipple. You had better to disassemble it and wash it with the brush.

The last but not at least, sometime it is necessary to replace the new one for you repeatedly put it in the high temperature disinfection.

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