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How To Choose Toys For Your Kids?

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All parents have experienced that spent so much on the toys but kids just leave them alone. You must be disappointed about that and have no idea to choose the right toys for your little one.

So how can you buy the right toys for your kids? Now we are going to make a guide for all parents. This guide is base on kid’s different features in different ages. We also get the experience from our friends. After reading this guide which combine kidology with experience, it can help you to save some money.

  1. For 1-3 years old
  2. For 3-6 years old
  3. For 6-12 years old

For 1-3 years old

Do you know why toddler, in about 1-3 years old, would like the commodity than their own toys? The feature of toddler’s psychology can explain it.

The psychology characteristic of the toddler is:

  • Their thinking is concrete image thinking.
  • They try to know the world via what he touches, watches or uses.
  • They like to imitate their parents more than other age.

They strongly have curiosity to the world during this age and extremely interested in the family commodity. Because these real daily necessities can him to know the world well.

Here is an example. In a kindergarten of Israel, there is a game zone which was consist of the daily necessities, such as toaster, microwave oven, and tablecloth and so on. The practice has showed that this game zone is more welcome than others.

Suggestions for choosing toys

We suggest that most of your kid’s toy can change into the daily necessities. What’s more, if your kid have passion on doing the housework, just invite him.

Other his own toy:

There are four kinds.

  1. Building Bricks

LEGO Duplo bricks series, HAPE Castel bricks

  1. Color cognition

Happlee Rama washable Finger paints

  1. Helping Hands Fine motor skills Fishing games, Classic world gear puzzle

  1. Physical coordination

Fisher-Price piano toy, Little tikes first slide, little tikes easy score basketball set


For 3-6 years old

Kids in this age would prefer the game with award and punishment. Their feature is that he can keep him calm down and focus on the game. They like to solve the problem and challenge all the difficulties. They relatively want the different feedbacks from his parent. And these award and punishment will do influence on his learning ability.

Suggestion for choosing toys:

Family board game is great entertainment for the kids in about 3-6 years old. Player compete to get the best score. It is an educational game in the family.

Memory board game: Pengoloo , CHABChicken Cha Cha Cha, Pixy Cubes

Think Fun series board game: Robot Turtles, Code Master, Gravity Maze, Laser Maze

Chess: Checker

As we all know, children would be easy to be addicted to computer or cellphone. Fortunately , board game which is full of intrest, can replace it and train the different ability of your kids. Such as logical thinkig,strategic planning and calculating ability.

For 6-12 years old


  • Have a good logical thinking
  • Have desire to know what he is really good at.
  • When encounter difficulties, they will try to figure it out and promote his logical thinking and skills, according to interests and hobbies.
  • They like to challenge you and get the achievement.

Therefore, fight toys will fit for them. Such as:

1. StarCraft

2. Programme Robot

3. Monopoly

4. Chess

Additionally, we find that if parents are instrested in one game, the kids in all ages will be influnenced on it.

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