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How to Choose the best Bookshelf For Kids?

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As kids’ parent, you are probably confused about that how to lead your kid to read a variety of books. So a cute and attracted bookshelf is very important.

The normal style of the bookcase is very clumsy. And in this atmosphere, a great numbers of kids have no any interest in reading.

However, a creative style will make a harmonious atmosphere which can attract kids to stay there.

So we created this guide to help to choose the best bookshelf for your kids.

  1. How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?
  2. How to decorate the kid’s bookshelf?
  3. Which books can you place on the bookshelf?
  4. Where should you place the bookcase?

How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?

Personal tailor

You can tailor the design to meet your kid’s request. Such as animal, white castle, or house. The unique style will be an amazing toy for him. Maybe he will regard it as his happy childhood.

Cabinet Organizer

This bookcase is very convenient. You can move it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, it can help you to keep things organized.

Wall hanging bookshelf

This kind will save the place of your house. The simple and modern style can help you to decorate your house perfectly.

How to decorate the kid’s bookshelf?

  1. Letter decorate

Using the letter to sort out the books for the kids. And you can also decorate the wall with the letter.

  1. Toy decorate

You can mix dollhouse and bookshelf. But we suggest that books are the major character in the bookshelf. Because the colorful toys will draw kid’s attention. Well, trying to decorate it with several toys which your kid is favor to will be more relax and harmonious.

Here are some tips to decorate.

  • 5 toys is the best choice.
  • Choosing his favorite toy character
  • Being easy to design more style.
  1. Basket organizer bookshelf

You can sort out the books in different basket according to the different color, letter, animal of the books. Kids will know how to find what he want to read if you place an adorable label outside the basket.

Which books can you place on the bookshelf?

As we all know, window display is easy to draw all people’s attention. So you can decorate the bookshelf as the window display. The most important thing is that never try to place hundreds of book on the shelf. These books he is going to read or his favorite will be more attractive. And one thing you should be remember is to update on time.

Where should you place the bookcase?

The appropriated place must be quiet and be far away from the TV, or the electronic products.

  1. Besides window

Why we choose such place? Because it is full of sunshine.

  1. In the corner

It can take the advantage of the house. The corner will be his own reading club.








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