How to Choose Baby Sun Cream?

As parents, you are probably not sure it is safe or not to use sun cream in such little baby. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that baby who is under 6 months is not allow to be exposed under the hot sun. The above 6 months need to apply sun cream to protect their skin as well as sunhat for it is too tender to be damage by the hot sun especially between 10:00am-4:00pm. Without any skin protect product, the sun’s ultraviolet will not only damage baby’s skin, also the eyes.

It is very necessary to use baby sun cream. But it will also hurt baby’s delicate skin, if apply the wrong sun cream. So how to choose the sun cream for your baby? What should you take into consideration? We create this shopping guide for all baby moms.

1. Sun protection for your baby
2. How to choose the baby sun cream?
3. How to use baby sun cream?

1. Sun protection for your baby
● Dressing the casual and loose style clothes
○ It is advised to wear the dark color clothes, for it is beneficial to against the sun’s ultraviolet. And do remember to keep his clothes dry.
● Install the sun umbrella on the baby stroller
● With the sun hat
○ Brimmed hat is better than the baseball hat, for it can keep the sun off his eyesight and head effectively.
● With the sun glass
○ Choose the sun glass with the UVB 99% or 100% excellent sun protection. Abandon the toy glass without any sun protection.
● Apply baby sun cream
● Once you take your baby out, this energetic guy would like to walk and run rather than stay in the shade. And he will cry all the time. Then you can apply baby sun cream on his skin. But it is not advised to the baby who is under 6 months.

2. How to choose baby sun cream?
● The safest sun cream for kids is very necessary. American Academy of Pediatrics advised that physical sunscreen is prior to the chemical sunscreen. Baby skin would not take in the physical sunscreen, so it is safer than the chemical one.
○ However, how to tell the physical sunscreen? Here are some methods. If it contains Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, or Zinc oxide nanometer which can keep UV away, it is physical sun scream.
● The SPF number should be not higher than 30
○ The American Academy of Dermatology suggest that there is no need to buy the higher number sun scream. Because the SPF 30 can against 97% UVB, while SPF50 only can prevent 98%.

3. How to use baby sun cream?

● Apply on the skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. Keep the skin dry before smooth it on baby’s skin.
● Reapply after about 2 hours of swimming or sweating.

● After you are indoors, clean the sun scream with the baby wash immediately.
Last but not at least, do not try to outdoor activity between 10:00am-2:00pm. The sunshine is very strong. No matter what sun protection, the strong UVA or UVB will damage human’s skin.

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