How to Answer the Millions of Questions from the Toddler

We perhaps have experienced that your kid asks so many questions every day. “Where do bears live?””In the forest””Why””That’s where the food is””Why””That’s why…” Yes, it almost draws you mad but you still try your best to answer it. According to the survey, the average 4-year-old asks 437 questions every day. Should you need to ask it precisely all? Some moms do concern about that if ignore his every question, it will result in that he has no curiosity to everything since that.

Actually, there are three kinds of “why”.

  1. One is to draw attention to himself. For instance, you are preparing the dinner at the kitchen. “Mom, what will we eat this night?””Fish””Why?””Because it is benefit for your health.””Why?””For it is delicious.””Why?”… If you encounter such situation, you kid may be want to draw attention to himself. Because he considers that you have already disregarded him.
  2. Second one is to repel what he is not satisfy.

Let’s illustrate about a story which coax kids into sleeping. “Why i need to sleep?””Because you need to have a rest.””Why?””Because you are baby.””Why?” You perhaps have already lose you temper. No matter how you explain it, the question will not be stop. So you can try to ask him. “How do think?” He will be reluctant to tell you the answer. But it is a perfect ending.

  1. The last one is what he really want to know.

For example, he asks you about the question seriously and the question is to what he really has no idea about it. “Why the shape of the plane is similar to the bird?” Well, you can attempt to offer him a good question.

Therefore, once your kid has this habit to ask you millions of questions every day, don’t worry. The first thing what you need to do is to know which kind of this “why”.

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