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How Can You Help To Prepare Your Children For School?

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Is your child ready for the school? Normally, in the city, the children who are 3-4 years old would start to go to kindergarten. As parents, there are so many things you can do at home to help your kid to ready for the kindergarten.

  1. Buy children stationery
  2. How to teach your child to master life and social skills

Buy children stationery

Shopping children’s stationery with him will make him excited. He can choose what he likes, and what he wants. Thus, with his favorite stationery he will be more satisfied and easier to accept to go to school.

Which kinds of stationery will be welcomed by children? The colorful and adorable style will be their favorite one.

Recently, Disney Company launch a series of children stationeries which draw much attention from the parents and the kids. Their stationery is designed for the children. It is very fashionable. The most important factor is that this brand has guarantee for the kid’s health.

Disney Baby Girl’s Princess Backpack

Disney company also have the service of personal customization if your kid doesn’t like the princess image.

Spiderman School Backpacks

This bag is so cool.



Disney Princesses water bottle

This bottle is 12 Ounce thermos bottle. So it is very convenient that you can hang it on the backpack.

Disney Little Mermaid Lunch Bag

                                                                                         Disney Little Mermaid Lunch Bag

Disney Minnie Mouse Stationery Set – Pink

Disney Girls’ Frozen Backpack

How to teach your child to master life skills?

Life skill is very necessary, if your child is prepared for the kindergarten.

  • Teach him to dress clothes by himself

In the kindergarten, if your kid has no idea to dress by himself, we afraid that he will be easy to get the cold, for the teacher is so busy to help him. So you can try to teach him several month ago. Normally, pullover is the best choice for the new learner. Don’t choose those clothes which need to button. Make a plan to teach him to dress cloth, shoes. Let him know the right foot and the left one. After he has already hold the basic skills, you can gradually teach him to button one.

  • Teach child to eat and drink independently

Although this life skill is very important, you still need to teach him step by step. Firstly, try to teach him to finger feed, and then eat with a spoon or fork. Don’t afraid that he will make the food in a mess by his finger. No one will refuse the delicious food, especially the kids. Even without your help, he still try his best to get the delicious food. This is human nature. Additionally, and then try to encourage him to eat with a spoon or fork.

  • Potty training
  • Try to keep their bed time and wake time consistent with the kindergarten.
  • Teach kids social skills

In the kindergarten, it is important to teach your kids to make new friends. Children are unwilling to new environment. Some kids’ social skill is a little poor. And some kids are born to be shy, especially leave him alone in the kindergarten. So parent need to encourage him, rather than blame him. Some parents will make the chance for the kids to make friendship with the peer who is in the same kindergarten. Thus it will help kids to fit in the new environment quickly.


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