Feeding Solids To Baby Should Follow The Schedule One By One?

It is said that feeding solids to the baby in 6 months old is superior to under 4 months old. Food allergies, constipation or diarrhea will trouble him if feed solids to the younger baby, for their immune system and digestive system can’t overwhelm too many solids.

Actually, there are no hard and fast rule to feed solid, but we suggest that iron foods is the best choice when you begin to feed solids to baby.

In 6 months old, you can prepared some foods combined iron nutrition with tempting flavors, such as fruit puree, fish puree, vegetable puree, meat puree and so on.

In 7-9 months old, you can introduce some soft solids to the baby, for instance, chopped vegetables, chopped meat, egg or the noodle.

In 10-12 months old, the baby has ability to eat the normal solids food. But the shape of what you feed must be convenient for the baby’s chew.

After 1 years old, your little one can eat the food as what adult have.

You still had better cook the soft solids and keep it insipid.

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