Child Suspended Study to Have a Sunbath in Daytime

Ming, a 7 years old boy in Wuhan, China, was suspended his study about 20 days by his mom for he need to have a sunbath in daytime. Ming suffered from an illness that have so much sweat during the  sleep time. After seeing the doctor, doctor said it is the result of lacking of vitamin D. Therefore, doctor suggested him to take more sunbath. So him mom made this decision although his dad was not agree to suspend his study. So basking in the sunshine is beneficial to children’s health. Some moms made a mistake that the sunshine will hurt baby’s skin. So she need to leave him indoor to protect him. Actually, it is obviously not suggested.

The benefits

As we all know, doctor always suggested that take more outdoor exercise, because it is the best way to keep the rickets away. It is said that baby, 2 weeks old, needs 400units vitamin everyday to supply his body until 2 years old. Meanwhile, taking enough basking is really important.

What need to avoid in?

  1. Don’t take the excessive bask

The strong sunshine will do harm to baby’s skin. Sometimes it will result in freckle, skin aging and so on. The worst is skin cancer. Therefore the younger infant who is under 6 month old should need to avoid the strong sunshine.

  1. the best time to have a basking

The best time to have a basking is in about 9:00am-10:00am and 3:00pm-4:00pm.


  1. infant who is under 6 months old can take the stroll under the big tree or take the umbrella to protect him.
  2. Keep the baby stroller cool
  3. Avoid the sunshine toward baby’
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